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Hi, I'm Lilian, a web developer based in Toronto. I Speak React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, accessibility and responsive design. I'm the first current student to win Visibility:Hidden Runner-Up Award.

Coming from a background in linguistics and education, I care about accessibility. I thrive when learning new programming languages, debugging and working with others. Web development lets me combine these skills with my creativity to build products with love.

I know:

JavaScript Testing
Responsive Design
VS Code
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stackoverflow-flashcards image
stackoverflow-flashcards image responsive version

React & Firebase Application - Stackoverflow FlashCard

There are hidden gems in StackOverflow! By browsing a bunch of questions, we can learn so much! For some good answers, I think browsing alone is not enough. So I built this web app that turns a StackOverflow Q&A into a flashcard! It comes with a Web page and a Chrome extension. Check it out!

React Firebase RESTful API CSS
chrome extension for stackoverflow flashcards app

Chrome Extension - Stackoverflow FlashCard

It is the side project for flashcard app, it enable user add stackoverflow question and answer directly from stackoverflow website, instead of copying paste the url. This extension can also detect if the user is in stackoverflow website, and will be disabled if it is not.

Chrome Extension API content security policy RESTful API JavaScript CSS
makeup app image
makeup app image responsive version

API based web application - Makeup color matcher

There are tons of makeup products out there. Trying on all of them is not possible. Why not have a virtual face and you can put different color combos on it. Once you are happy with the colors, the app provides direct link for you to the product page! Pair programming with Maeesha

JavaScript jQuery Sass CSS HTML
supernatural laguage converter image
supernatural laguage converter image responsive version

Interactive jQuery Game - Supernatural language Converter

This app is a fun one. It converts any human language strings into a Wizard, Alien,Ghost,Magic Mirror.It's a simple one-page game built with vanilla javascript. I used regex to do input validations.

JavaScript jQuery Sass CSS HTML
bar psd conversion image
psd conversion image responsive version

PSD to HTML conversion - Bar-One

Multi page website replicated from PSD design. Pixel perfect and fully responsive.

Responsive Design Sass CSS HTML


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